A New Profession?

Many people are natural caregivers. Examples are nurses, doctors, therapists, etc. Hypnotherapy is a natural profession for those who care about others. With your training, you can assists clients to stop smoking. Many have smoked for 30-40 years, and they’ve tried medicine, patches, will power, and everything else. Then as a last resort they do hypnosis, and they quit. Would you like to be a important link in that person’s success? That’s what hypnosis is all about.

Other behaviors that respond well to hypnosis are sleeplessness, feeling down, slow, and sluggish, nail-biting, and compulsive sexual behaviors. You will be able to help these people.

The Spring 2017 Professional Hypnosis Training Course begins in April. There are 4 Fri-Sat weekends involved in April and May. On the last day of class you will be certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and your opportunities for a successful career will begin. Call today 435-72-01678.

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