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Dear Martha,
I never took the opportunity to thank you for the miracle you gave me. I referred a friend to you and only then did it dawn on me that I never thanked you. What you helped me do was nothing short of a miracle. I nearly lost my marriage to my addiction to tobacco. I must also let you know that because of your intuitiveness the experience you gave me was one of the most spiritual I have ever encountered. Thank you so much. I can’t express enough my gratefullness. Ten years free now.
Bruce Waldron

“After smoking for 12 years I was able to stop smoking by visiting Martha Wilks Harrison, of the Brigham Hypnosis Center. For me, as it is with most people who have a desire to quit smoking, it was easy and very fulfilling by using hypnosis.”  A.C., Idaho Falls, ID.

“Thank you so much for all your help – life is good and seems to get better by the day… I have been using your techniques daily and they have and continue to help me. I sleep better and feel better (without meds) and have just passed my 14 month sobriety date. Life is good. Hope everything is going great for you as well. Thank you for the early birthday wish too…means alot to me..as does your friendship. Take care and hope to see you again. C.P.

“I want to thank you AGAIN for the help you gave me with hypnosis. I haven’t gained back what I lost, and you changed my life as far as my self image and all the hang-ups I had regarding my “old” self and the @#*&! car accident. Just thought I’d let you know that Saturday morning at 7:00 am, seven dear friends and I are going on a cruise of the Caribbean. In itself, that is no big deal. Lots of gals go on cruises. What IS a big deal is that I’m taking capris to wear [no matter that my legs are scarred), and I bought a swim suit that I fully intend to put on!! My body is my body, and its the new me. And I’m happy with it. I can walk. I can function. And I can have great fun!! Life is good!” S.K. Logan, UT

“Martha’s program helped reacquaint my temporal self with my spiritual self. This process is fascinating and gave me a completeness needed to overcome some big obstacles I have encountered at mid life. I like to call my post Martha life Seamless Living no interruptions by guilt or faultering self esteem, no cigarette or beer break, just a calm consistency which my kids and loved ones have noticed. My soul has always known this way; I just needed Martha’s help to listen. Neat eh. Thanks, Martha”. Steve, rancher

“Brigham Hypnosis Center and Martha Harrison are great! They accomplished in two hours what I had been trying to do for five years, quit smoking. I had tried the Nicoret gum, cold turkey, and many other methods. None worked. I was a pack-a-day smoker (non-filtered) for 45 years, and since my second session with Martha eleven months ago, I haven’t smoked one cigarette. I also lost 14 pounds! If you have a genuine desire to stop smoking, BHC’s program can help you.” Hugh J., Air Traffic Controller, South Ogden, UT

Just a note to say thanks for everything. It’s been 3 years without a smoke, and I feel good This whole process has been a rewarding experience. I just don’t know what to say. If I would have thought that smoking was that easy to quit, I should have done it years ago. I tried everything: gum, patches, and that drug but nothing worked. The craving just always won out, but with hypnosis there was very little craving, and all I needed to do was change some of the ways I do some things so the habit was broken up, and that was that!  I just can’t believe it. I took the “no smoke money” and bought a good used white 1984 Corvette. It’s very fun to drive; a lot more fun than smoking. Thank you so much, Martha. You’re a God-send to me. And my friend saw you, and he’s quit chewing. Thanks for that, too.”    Kim Stone, Preston, Idaho

4 months ago you help me quit smoking and taught me many other hings about how to keep myself in control. Things I use everyday. Your one of my favorite people, and I hope that ya never forget. I can’t believe it’s been 4 months. I still listen to your CD and use the things that you taught me. I still tell evryone just how great the process really is, and that if they want help with their problems that you’re the answer to their prayers. May God bless and keep you, for you are needed. Your friend, K.S.

“Martha, your help has been such a great blessing, a real miracle in my life. I know I’ve got a ways to go yet. But, driving home today I was thinking about how very far I’ve come with the help of Heavenly Father and wonderful people like you, and the feelings of gratitude in my heart were so strong it brought tears to my eyes. Words can not adequately express just how truly grateful and blessed I feel. Thanks so much for your part in this! Without hesitation I recommend you to family, friends and associates.” Dave, Logan, UT

Christopher Stevenson Aug 2008After 30+ years of smoking, I knew it was time to quit. Martha wasted no time helping me find the root causes and we listed the things in my day that made it such a habit. We replaced the old habits with new and positive alternatives, and I have been an ex-smoker ever since. It feels pretty good to be able to say that. The hypnosis sessions were comfortable and very effective in helping me to change the way I viewed smoking. I am still surprised at how my urge to smoke faded so quickly. Thanks so much, Martha! You are a wonderful person. Thanks very much for a great and useful week. The suggestions you left me with seem to have made a lasting impact. Besides the smoking, I find myself staying away from bad foods! The CD has been very helpful as well. Take care and ride safe.” Christopher Stevenson, Cedar City, UT

“I started at 373 lbs on June 23, 2008 and weighed 363 lbs a week later on my first meeting with Martha. Your help has allowed me to get to a weight I didn’t think I would ever see again (292#, total 81# so far). I recently had a annual physical and my resting heart rate was 58 and my blood pressure was 122/72 , way lower than last years. I have an annual check up with a cardiologist the end of Oct., and I expect a better report from him also. Thank you, Martha. I still listen to your CD every day!” Brian W., Ogden, UT

“Martha is an excellent teacher and hypnotherapist. I love my HypnoBirthing, and now I can help many more people than just birthing mothers. Martha’s Power of the Mind and Age Regression that I learned in her class is like a magic wand for helping people with mental blocks. Releasing these mental blocks is helping people with bad habits and opening doors for better health. Thank-you very much.” Evelyn Hedges, Declo, Idaho

“The State of Utah no longer welcomes smokers, so smoking was interfering with things I wanted to do. I was amazed at how my cravings quit at my last session with Martha. Now I smell good, and I can watch a whole movie without going out to smoke! Also, my friends like being with me more, and when I sing I can carry a note 10 times longer. I’m very proud of myself. I quit on Feb. 16, 1995.” Cindi A., Public Relations Specialist

“I was 16 and hated how smoking labeled me as a loser. Hypnosis and Martha gave me back my control, and I was able to move out of some bad circles. I quit on June 27, 1995. My first son was born two years later, and he wasn’t addicted to nicotine. Thanks, Martha!” Melissa Lucus, wife and mother

“I was a “late bloomer” and at 19 I still didn’t have a drivers’ license. Learning to use self-hypnosis to relax, and with Martha’s help gaining confidence, I now am driving a car!” Bonnie B., sales clerk

“My hypnosis sessions with Martha Harrison for weight loss gave me lots more than I expected. I dealt with issues in my childhood, with my parents and my spouse. I have had my self-esteem restored. Those accomplishments have outweighed the added results of losing over fifty pounds. I totally recommend this program.” Barbara Benson, Cache Valley

“My daughter has been “clean” for several months, and it has been an incredible experience getting to know her, finally. For the first time in five years, she’s not hiding from us. Thank you so much!” Name Withheld by request

“I went to Martha Harrison for test anxiety; as a college student it was critical that I get over this problem. We found the root of my fears clear back in grade school. I rescued that scared little kid (in hypnosis), and I learned to do self-hypnosis prior to taking tests. I’ve graduated and serve as a police officer now. I never would have made it without Martha’s skills helping me get my control back.” A.S.P., Utah

“I went to Brigham Hypnosis for erectile dysfunction . The problem was corrected after four sessions, and there has been no relapse. I discovered a childhood problem that had existed for 45 years; I rescued that little boy (under hypnosis), and now I have self-esteem and self-confidence, and I walk tall. Hypnosis was highly effective for me.” K.W.


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Time: November 12, 2014, 10:56 am

Dave, this message is actually for you! How are you doing? I just noticed that the old pictures that we got called on are up and running again. Probably because we had to go back to 2012 to reestablish the web site a while back. At your convenience, would you remove them? The one of my daughter is ok, but there is a man and another woman that we could get into trouble again with.

We have moved to Orem to be closer to family here.

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