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Sarah was a wife and mother of 8 children. She was literally carried in to my office and placed in the chair. She had been experiencing trigeminal nerve pain on the side of her face and was considering a surgery that would cut the nerve. In the medical community it is considered the most excruciating pain of all. A surgery would leave her face looking as though she had a stroke. Coming in for hypnosis was a last ditch effort. In the time-line experience the pain took her back to her own birth. She observed her mother laboring alone; she observed as a full-grown spirit, and she felt responsible for her mother’s awful pain. Now that we discovered the root cause, she was able to then observe with the knowledge and wisdom of her 46 years. She knew, for example, that her mother wouldn’t be alone long, and that her father was in the war. The dialogue went something like this, “Sarah, birthing pain is quickly forgotten in the presence of the precious baby that joins the family. I know this because I’ve had 8 babies. I am you. You will be an amazing mother yourself. You no longer need to experience your mother’s pain; she has long ago forgotten it.”
Sarah was able to walk in to the next session with assistance. In this session we used a Gestalt technique where we were exploring to see if there were any “pay off’s” for the pain. As long as there is a pay off for any behavior, we will hold on to that behavior, no matter how much trouble it is causing us. In this session she did indeed find that the pain allowed her to find sanctuary from all the responsibilities of raising 8 children, which had become overwhelming. The pain protected her from the laundry, cooking meals, running the taxi service, and all else required raising a big family. But, through this session she realized the price was too high to pay, and she figuratively destroyed the pain (she had turned it into a big hairy monster), and took the control away from it. It the process she destroyed a part of her subconscious mind that thought it was providing something useful to her. At the end of the session she described feeling lighter and brighter than she’d felt for months.
When Sarah returned for the last session, her pain was gone. She walked in unassisted. I’ve seen her now and again in town, and she says there are times when she begins to get stressed that she will feel a little pain in the side of her face, but it just reminds her to take those magic deep breaths, relax, and it recedes immediately. She was so impressed with her experience that within the year she took the hypnosis training and became a hypnotherapist herself. She’s been in practice for more than a decade. This was an awesome experience for me, as most of the sessions are.

Sylvia was 75 years old and was having nightmares so violent that she was throwing herself out of bed. On one such event, she actually fractured her neck. We began working together. The initial session was spent teaching her how the mind works and how hypnosis works. She was a good candidate and enjoyed the hypnosis part of the session very well. In the next session we did a “time-line” technique where she went to a recent nightmare (they were all about snakes), she identified feelings of fear and helplessness, and those emotions took her back in time to when she was 7 and waiting at the bus stop for her bus to come. A naughty little boy started chasing her with a snake; she stumbled and fell, and he dropped the snake on her causing great fear and helplessness. After finding that root cause, and her adult self explaining to her inner child that it is the last snake she will ever see again (because in 68 more years she never did), she was able to put it to rest. The nightmares stopped. You may be wondering why after all those years, those dreams started. Well, her husband was dying, and she was his chief caregiver; it had become increasingly difficult until feelings of fear and helplessness invaded her space once again and took her in the nightmares to the original source of that kind of terror in her life. She was very pleased with the outcome.

Jean who is 48 said she never felt that she belonged in her family. I thought, “I’ve met others who grew up feeling this way.” When she mentioned that her father wouldn’t even let her be in the family pictures, I knew we were dealing with extreme rejection. Feeling worthless, she made poor choices that led to much unhappiness and complications in her life. Because she believed in the concept of having lived before she was born in a spirit world, I created with her what that might have been like, using guided imagery and hypnosis. In one segment it was as though she saw her mortal assignment on the “big screen,” and though it was a very difficult assignment, she accepted it. Just before leaving her pre-existent life, she imagined she received a father’s blessing for her Eternal Father and Jesus that gave her the courage to enter her mortal experience. She was tearful as the session ended. She said she had never felt so loved in her entire life as she had felt in the past hour. It changed how she saw things and how she saw herself. It has changed her life for the good. While her parents, due to their own deficiencies, didn’t love and protect her, she is in a position to love and protect herself in brand new ways. That’s what hypnosis is all about. Miracles.

Les, 26, had completed his training at the Police Academy, had paid for his uniforms and equipment, and had a great job waiting with the Salt Lake Police Dept. His only problem was that he had not yet been able to run the mile and a half track in the required 11 minutes. “I know I can do this; I’ve lost 40# during my training, and I run 5 miles a day, but I haven’t been able to run this track fast enough; we get 3 tries, and I’ve had 2.” I believed him; he was quite “buff,”  and I had no doubt he could run that track in plenty of time, so what was holding him back? In working with Les, I found that it was a simple case of 2+2=5. He had a subconscious fear at work. You see, his father was a policeman, an alcoholic, and was abusive to his family. Les held the subconscious fear that if he became a policeman, he’d abuse alcohol and his family. That idea had never been spoken, but it terrified him. We did some excellent work together, he shaved off a minute and a half of his best run around the track, and has served with the best for the past 10 years. Congratulations to Les for recognizing he couldn’t get beyond this alone. That’s just smart!

Zander was 22, and anger issues had destroyed his last relationship. He was a bright young man who lacked confidence in himself in several areas of his life. Through hypnosis, he discovered a frightened and wounded little boy who had every reason to be mad at the world, but he was tired of reacting like that little 7 year old in his adult life. He was able to “rescue” his inner child from the drug addicted mother who held his head down in the toilet until he nearly drowned, and who regularly beat him with coat hangers. Once Zander embraced that child, he was able to acknowledge the child was lovable and acceptable to him, and he realized the deficit was in his mother not in that sweet little boy; it was so much easier for him then to face his world with the confidence he had lacked all his life. He realized that while his mother started the abuse, he had continued it by not allowing himself to be loved by others. Our work was tender and still brings tears to my eyes, but Zander was able to eventually marry a loving wife, and he started his own cement business. I’ll always remember him with a great deal of respect.

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